Terpenes - What are they, Why are they important, and do your products include them?

Cannabis is known for having hundreds of compounds that make up it’s medicinal and therapeutic properties. These compounds are known as cannabinoids and terpenoids. Cannabinoids such as CBD and THC are synergistic, all working together to benefit one another, potentiating the effects of each and every cannabinoid.



What makes full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD oils and tinctures so effective?

Full spectrum and broad spectrum have multiple working cannabinoids, rather than a single isolated group of CBD, that work together to bring fulfilling relief to the patient. CBD on its own, without any other cannabinoids, has minimal therapeutic and medicinal effects.

Besides having over 100 cannabinoids, cannabis also contains a wide range of terpenoids.


What are Terpenes?

Terpenoids or terpenes are the building blocks of smells and flavors found in nature. A majority of the natural smells in nature are made up of terpenes, and terpenes are made up of a small hydrocarbon group (C5H8) called isoprene. These isoprene compounds converge into terpenes, and these terpenes create the unique smells,  flavors, and essential oils we smell all around us. Terpenes are the active ingredients in essential oils and give them their various effects that each oil is known for and consist of aromas such as floral, fruity, berry, pine, woody, sweet, bitter, musky, and more.

One of the reasons that high-quality Cannabis flower has such powerful smells is because it has so many terpenes. Cannabis is actually regarded to be one of the most terpene-heavy plants in nature. Terpenes bring out the strong and natural medicinal and therapeutic effects within Cannabis.

Terpenes alone have their own unique health benefits which also helps give each strain of cannabis it’s unique smell and effects, such as anti-inflammatory, sleep, anti-anxiety, focusing, and anti-bacterial properties. Cannabinoids share these properties as well, working together with terpenes to potentiate their effects. Terpenes are able to interact with human receptors and proteins, allowing us to experience their effects. Since terpenes are nonpoisonous and are a simple compound made from biological life that is quite harmless to the human body, we receive very little side effects from them, making it easier to use and absorb in the body without discomfort.


Cannabinoids and The Entourage Effect:

In the last century, scientists have proven that there is an important correlation between cannabinoids and terpenes called The Entourage Effect. They have found that terpenes and cannabinoids work together to potentiate the effects of cannabinoids and terpenes. The various strains of Cannabis have their own unique range of terpenes, also known as its Terpene Profile. Each different cannabis strain such as OG Kush, Blue Dream, Girl Scout Cookies, Grandaddy Purple, etc have very different Terpene Profile which gives the patient very different effects. Some terpenes can alter how THC is metabolized in the body, removing some unwanted side effects. Another terpene can potentiate and alter THC’s effect on the body’s CB1 receptor. The same function goes with CBD-type cannabinoids. Cannabis and terpenes together make up a dream team of synergistic compounds that positively heighten their therapeutic effects on the body.



Terpenes VS. Artificial Flavors

Many CBD companies flavor their oils and tinctures with artificial flavors such as cherry, grape, melon, grapefruit, citrus, etc. little to NO health benefits, leaving only CBD (and possibly other cannabinoids) responsible to do its job which isn’t nearly as effective as CBD + Terpenes.

Since artificial flavors serve no purpose but flavor, there will be no synergistic effect on the cannabinoids used. This is why terpenes are irreplaceable in a cannabis product. Cannabis products without terpenes simple cannot compare to a cannabis product with terpenes. So make sure to look out for a formula that contains Cannabinoids + Terpenes. CBD + Terpenes make the fulfilling therapeutic properties of a cannabis product while CBD flavored with artificial flavors cannot even compare to the properties that CBD + Terpenes will provide. That is why including terpenes in a CBD Tincture is extremely important.



Our Contribution to Cannabis and Terpenes:

While some companies give the option to include terpenes depending on the product, Here at Green Life Innovations, we infuse a hefty amount of terpenes in our terpene infused products to guarantee that you are receiving the utmost relief. Our goal is to increase the standards of CBD manufacturing while reducing the cost and providing a good quality of life for our customers.

Terpenes make the difference and we recognize that! Pass on the word!

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