Who We Are

Green Life Innovations is a company started in early 2018. We are honest people who are guiding the cannabis community in the right and respectful way by providing high quality CBD (including other cannabinoids) that is safe, reliable, effective, bioavailable, and reasonably priced.

There are easy ways to make CBD oils, but we go beyond that and go that extra mile to make sure our CBD will work better than any other leading brand by not cutting corners, including more than one cannabinoid, and infusing products with terpenes to increase its medical capacity.

How our products are unique and effective:

-We use cannabis inspired terpenes that interacts with cannabinoids, called the entourage effect, when terpenoids interact with cannabinoids, working synergisically with eachother

Bioavailable Carrier:

-We use water based carrier for our tincures to maximize bioavailability. A water based carrier allows more absorbtion throughout the body, taking effect faster and more efficiently. We also add organic ingredients to make it even more bioavailable!

Broad Spectrum CBD Oil:

-We use a CBD oil that has more than one cannabinoid in it, allowing the cannabinoids to work synergistically as each cannabinoid complements eachother.

We care greatly for the health and quality of life of our customers/patients, and we will answer any specific questions about CBD that you ask. Medical cannabis is our passion and we are here to provide for the community!