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Green Life Innovations family owned business based out of Gainesville, FL that produces high-quality CBD products that are affordable, effective, and pure.

We pride ourselves on our customer service and strive to lead you along your journey of CBD. We are passionate about CBD and are happy to share our knowledge and passion by helping our customers through CBD products.

What Makes Us Special?

Our mission is to continually strive towards raising the standards of the CBD industry and reduce prices. To help and heal the people. To increase the quality of life.

We focus on the bioavailability of the CBD in our products to ensure the maximum absorption in the body.

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    Green Life Innovations Customer Review: By Dianne Kelly

    I have bought the pet tinctures for two of my rescue dogs and it helps so much with anxiety and also helps my Max (miniature Australian Shepherd) who has hip issues in the cold weather. I can not handle THC very well and have an adverse scary reaction to medical or regular marijuana. The tinctures...
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    CBD for All Pets

    Here lies information dedicated to pet owners curious to see if CBD is right for your animal. This thorough article talks about how CBD is safe for all pets, how it works in your pet’s body, dosing, and even drug interactions....
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    Crucial information about CBD and Bioavailability:

    This talks about the bioavailability of CBD and why it is so important when considering a CBD product. This thorough article talks about all the common methods of administering CBD and how each method is different with a different absorption rate....

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