Customer Stories: Celina G

"How CBD Helped me With My Insomnia and Migranes"

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We first met Celina in early 2019 and learned of her struggle with Insomnia and Migraines. As most of you know a lack of sleep can have a very direct effect on the quality of life you live and lead to a variety of health issues. Migraines can be similarly debilitating and make it almost impossible to live a normal life.

When Celina first came to us she had already spoken with her doctor who prescribed her Silenor, a tri-cyclic medication made to help with insomnia. With no relief from this medication, Celina was interested to try a natural remedy, and we recommended a 600mg dosage of our CBD tincture to be taken daily.

Here is what she had to say:

"Green Live Innovations CBD Products have been an absolute lifesaver! I have suffered from insomnia for years and it has progressively gotten worse. I developed migraines and one of my triggers is… you guessed it… lack of sleep. I tried several medical recommendations including a prescription from my doctor for Silenor. Nothing. Honestly, CBD was a last ditch effort for me.

When I came across Green Life Solutions on a Facebook group, I figured 'why not?' Ryan, the owner, was extremely personal and helpful and has been the biggest help throughout this time. He answered every single one of my questions (still does) and helped guide me through the various strengths of CBD tincture and the different terpenes that the tincture come in. Without his help I would be totally lost!

After using the 600 mg dosage consistently my insomnia has greatly improved. Do I still have some sleepless nights here and there? Sure… That being said, overall I can actually say I get decent sleep. If I forget to take my CBD tincture one night, I don't suffer since there is a nice reserve in my system. The best part of all of this is I have don’t have a groggy feeling in the mornings any more.

Honestly, I CANNOT say enough about this product, company or Ryan. There are very few companies who cater to their clients and ACTUALLY take the time to listen. If you're venturing into CBD Oil, for whatever reason, Ryan is your go to for reliable and caring guidance!"

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